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Many business owners aren’t sure how to successfully market and advertise online. JAC collaborates, creates, and implements successful digital marketing plans to Grow Your Business.

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We are glad you are viewing our onboarding process.  This is one of the most critical times in a business relationship and we work hard to make it seamless as possible.  It can be summed up in 5 different steps, which you can review below.


You will meet with JAC's team to discuss your business, goals, background, and message. We will talk about marketing and learn about your past successes and failures. It will give you an open window for you to learn about us, and us about you. The meeting will provide a good stepping stone into the direction you wish to pursue. From all the info you provide, we can move into strategizing mode.
Step 1


Armed with the information you provide us, we will meet with our team - to brainstorm and create. Then, we will dive into finding solutions to best suit your needs and your direction. Each team member will bring talents to the table to strategize the best way to get your business in front of your intended audience. In the end, we will formulate a personalized plan for your business marketing.
Step 2


Based on the think tank session of our team, we formulate a plan to carry forth your direction. Then, we meet with you to discuss our strategies designed specifically for your business and gain your input. We welcome any questions. After all, we want to be on the same page. After our meeting and your approval, we go back to create content and set up proposed campaigns, keeping you in the loop all the way.
Step 3


The magic begins here. We will create advertisements, graphics, and content. Then, we work very closely with you to achieve the right messaging and branding for your marketing. This phase includes both written and image-based content, incorporating your logo, message, and action intent. In addition, JAC will make sure you see the content before we upload them into any digital campaigns.
Step 4


Numbers are the basis of measuring performance, and that's one reason why digital marketing is the answer. Unlike print media, we can see the hard numbers; how many people view your message, how long they look at it, and what they view. JAC will ensure your website has Google Analytics to monitor websites and digital campaigns. Based on analytic reports, JAC has the ability to adjust the digital campaigns accordingly.
Step 5

Our Digital Advertising Services

Addressable Geofencing

This precise way to advertise allows you to send digital advertisements to a specific household. Then, the people within that household will see your ads on their phones, tablets, desktop computers, and gaming devices.

CRM Marketing

Sending digital ads to a customer or prospect list (CRM) is a brilliant way to get in front of those that will buy from your company. This type of advertising can be coupled with follow-up calls from your sales team.


Imagine being discovered by users that are interested in your product or service. Essentially, All they do is type in certain words or “keywords,” and they will receive advertising from your organization. It’s that simple!


Newer TVs and Devices allow for streaming programs. JAC can tap into these viewers and serve your business or political ads. This type of advertising means affordable, custom TV ads to reach the masses in a targeted way.

Political Campaigns

Today’s successful political campaign starts with a significant digital presence. We can increase your chances of winning an election by making sure your message is on the internet and in front of voters.


If your business has products to sell, make it easier to find with eCommerce advertising. $4.2 trillion were spent by consumers while purchasing items online. Make sure your ads are appearing before these consumers.

We help to boost your digital presence

We’ve increased our customers’ traffic exponentially to their websites and conversions using multi-touch solutions.  We work with all types of companies in various industries – Including  B2B and B2C businesses.  Contact us today for a free consultation. We’re confident you’ll learn something new about improving your digital marketing presence!  

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Steven Blair Murrays Parts City

Heather and Darrell are AMAZING!! They are on top of everything. If you have the opportunity to work with them you will be happy you did!! They spend whatever amount of time is needed to get the job done right. I highly recommend them. I have been in business for over 46 years and can say my experience with them has been outstanding!!

Judge David J Reader Livingston County Prosecutor

Building a successful political campaign means you're relying on a wide network of people to assist you in a professional and responsive manner. I was highly satisfied with the services of JAC Advertising Consultants. The were quick to respond to any of my requests and were on top of issues that I had not even thought of. Thanks again.

Laurie Berry Castle Wealth Legal Group

We have worked with JAC for the last few years. We have found them to be very professional and more importantly a great partner for our business. They are always looking for new ways to help market our firm. They are friendly, knowlegable and do their work in a timely manner. I would highly recommend JAC Advertising consultants!

Debi Shankland Housekeeping Associates

JACs marketing knowledge is amazing and crucial when making decisions to improve our business. Darrell and Heather deliver personal customer service which is hard to come by. I work primarily with Heather and I can’t say enough about her! So grateful to be working with this company! D. Shankland

Kim Bennett Element Roofing

Element Roofing has had the pleasure of working with Heather, Darrell, and their team for over a year now. They are very attentive and go above and beyond for their clients. Website clicks have been greatly impacted for the better since we have been with JAC. Not only are they great at what they do, they are awesome people!

Dale Brewer Connect Five Veterans Foundation

The Connect Five Veterans Foundation which is a 501c3 has utilized JAC ADVERTISING to promote many of our events and have always provided excellent quality advertising that produces excellent results. We have always found JAC easy to work with and make any adjustments that we requested. If you are interested in or need to improve your advertising results, contact JAC!

    Best of 2023 Brighton

    JAC Advertising Consultants has been recognized by Martech (a top Marketing media outlet in the US) JAC is being considered as a top ten programmatic digital advertising agency in the US.

    The Brighton Award Program is an annual awards program honoring the achievements and accomplishments of local businesses throughout the Brighton and the Livingston County area. Recognition is given to those companies that have shown the ability to use their best practices and implemented programs to generate competitive advantages and long-term value.

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