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Imagine sending digital ads to people you actively seek as customers. It’s no secret that a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) inside one’s business is a valuable book of potential business. It is automated and organized. Many companies use it as a tool for their sales purposes.  You may already know, a CRM is software technology for a company to record important customer and prospect information – a powerful tool in today’s digital age.  Salesforce is an example of a leading CRM.

All it Takes is a Customer List

CRM Digital Targeting allows you to upload a list (collected from your internal CRM or purchased online) to our platform and serve advertisements to your target audience while they surf the web. This type of advertising is incredibly versatile and targets the individual that would benefit from your product or service. As a result, there is no wasted ad spend. Every ad you devote money to goes to a prospect or customer on your list. 

Layering in Other Media

Now, imagine coordinating mailings, emails, and telephone contact with your CRM Digital Targeting campaign. It is powerful to have messages from all types of media connecting you to your prospects simultaneously. In addition, CRM Digital Targeting campaigns are instrumental in developing name recognition since your ad is in front of your intended audience with frequency. 

CRM Campaigns are Beneficial

CRM Digital Targeting has other benefits too. First, it can get your message to a formally cold lead. With the steady decline of open email rates, CRM can get in front of those that didn’t respond to previous email messages.  Perhaps you have been trying to call, send emails, or direct mail without success. Your targeted digital ads can get in front of the intended eyes of your prospects.  Additionally, it can focus on a person that is likely to convert because you have identified the individual as a prospect that uses your services and products, which is critical in these times. Let’s face it; the pandemic has made it difficult to sell in traditional ways, and it may continue to be complicated even afterward.

To get started with CRM Digital Targeting, contact JAC, and we will assist with the planning and implementation of this highly engaging digital campaign.  

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