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Talk about the ability to express your business! A business’s website is typically the first window into its branding, products, services, and people. Companies investing in a new website are most likely building it to increase customer sales and visits. Like an old building that needs a facelift to bring it into this century’s standards, you want your website up to date and relevant. In other words, you want to present the best version of your business, and the first step is to build a great website. JAC’s team thrives on working with our clients to give them a website that best reflects their business and meets their goals, whether that’s sales, web traffic, or votes.

Starting the website process

This process begins with our partnership with you. We create a custom WordPress website that has a consistent feel and incorporates your branding on every page. Your site is built from a ground foundation.  We want the best representation of your business, so we ask you questions and consider your goals first. We find these vary from client to client; some want sales, others wish to have a following or votes. You set the goals. We get you there. Our team will plan, design, answer questions, and create a professional website incorporating your vision. And we do it within a reasonable budget. 


For your website to appear on the first page of online searches, you need optimization or, specifically, SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It is a big key to digital marketing. Our team builds the groundwork for your website’s optimization initially; this way, it consistently shows up on search engine results and gains momentum with time. Much of this relies on the content on the website. There must be a balance between captivating content to retain audience interest and incorporating words, so Google, Bing, or bots recognizes each page’s topics. For instance, a business lawyer would not want to show up in a criminal lawyer’s Google search. Your content must be relative to your business, and we create your website with this in mind. We construct your site with proper keywords and create keyword-rich website pages. 


Content goes hand in hand with optimization. A keyword-rich website will perform best, but it needs to be engaging for the user. Quality content is essential. A visually appealing website is nothing without it! When we create your website, we incorporate:

  • Content to make your website highlight your products, services, business and what makes it all 
  • Ensure site visitors read relevant content that satisfies what they desire, want, or need
  • Grammatically correct content without misspellings
  • Original content in a conversational tone
  • A Blogging page to promote new content meeting Google standards for SEO 

Additionally, rich images on your website enhance the visitors’ experience. High resolution makes images crisper and visually appealing. A prominent logo and catchphrase also imprint on the user during the site visit. We have professionals that will incorporate images that capture your purpose. 

Mobile-Friendly Website

It is likely more than half of your website visitors will come from mobile phones. Over 93% of phone owners search local information from their smartphones at some point. Your desktop website must be mobile-friendly for this reason. While on the phone, an online visitor needs all areas of your desktop site to be visible. Equally, a person must be able to navigate the site easily and have a good experience. If not, the visitor will leave (bug-out) quickly. We create a website that fits visibly on a phone screen and mobile device with easy click call functions. Equally important is the responsiveness of the mobile site. We want it to load quickly to keep your website visitors engaged.

We Adhere to Google Standards

We are fully responsive and up to date on Google’s Webmaster Guidelines so that Google will find, index, rank your website. Meeting these guidelines is essential for site performance and SEO. We take those standards seriously and consider them while building your website. We adhere to them. These guidelines change regularly, and we keep abreast of those changes and incorporate them into your website.

Website Trackability 

JAC installs Google Analytics into your website so that you can track and follow campaign success. It is a powerful tool for a business to measure its digital effectiveness. Google Analytics allows you to view users’ engagement with your website’s pages and digital campaigns. It is a powerful tool to see the big internet picture. It answers questions like: “Who is using my website?” “When are people using it?” “How long are they on it?” “What did they look at?” As we said, it is a mighty tool of measurement. A benefit is that you can access website and digital advertising campaign performance. Armed with this data, you can alter content to increase audience engagement and make your website and digital campaigns even better. JAC can customize Google Analytics to meet your business needs and allow you the most use out of the data. When we are building your website, we include Google Analytics as part of its creation.

We thrive on building beautiful and high-functioning websites. Contact JAC for a free consultation. We will guide you through every step of the process.

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