Digital Advertising

What is Digital Advertising?

Digital advertising is a necessary tool in the toolbox of marketing. It is a way to stay in front of your intended customer online. Additionally, it should be a multi-channel approach to keep your business top of the consumer’s mind. You may wonder what we mean by “multi-channel”? Well, our goal is to reach each customer through every stage of the sales funnel – from discovery online to the point of purchase. To appear before them (in a display ad or video), you should utilize multiple online platforms to target your audience. And you have many options for reaching your goals. Whether it be through Keywords, Retargeting, Demographics, Interests, Location, Social Media, or Video, JAC Advertising Consultants can help create this multi-channel strategy for your company to accomplish your online goals. Additionally, JAC will discuss these choices with you and explain each one so that together we make the best digital advertising plan for you.

What Can Digital Advertising Do for You?

Currently, 81% of consumers look up services and products online before they make a purchase. Digital advertising places your company in the digital space for customers to find you. Your ads appear when people need your business – in the right area at the right time. In addition, it can assist you with:

  • Creating brand awareness
  • Increasing product & service sales
  • Gathering customer information through contact forms
  • Getting your content out/messaging to a targeted audience

Depending on your business goals, several platforms are in use to achieve them. These digital platforms use display ads or videos on various sites/apps, including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or across the internet. They show up on all digital devices and reach precise audiences interested in your products or services, which contrasts from traditional media.

How is Digital Advertising Different from Traditional Advertising?

When you buy a billboard or ad in the newspaper, traditional advertising, you hope someone buys your product or service or votes for you. The problem is that these types of advertising go out to the masses in hopes of action. With digital advertising, a business can target specific people – through interests, behaviors, demographics, location, etc., so your message gets in front of intended buyers or voters. In addition, digital ads get in front of the right people at the right time and are measurable to help with success. Likewise, we can see conversions, if desired, like purchases. Unfortunately, traditional advertising does not have an excellent way to track if it’s working. Since digital advertising has tracking ability, the campaign adjusts to optimize to obtain your marketing goals better. For instance, we brainstorm creative ideas and adapt new content for excellent optimization.

Reporting and Measurement

One of the best elements of digital advertising – in our opinion – is measurability.

From the minute the digital ad campaigns are launched, they are measurable. We can see how many impressions are running, clicks, conversions, and how the campaign is performing. In addition, you can see what’s working and what needs improvement. Armed with this information, JAC can monitor and adjust campaigns accordingly.  

With this type of trackability, it’s super easy to judge performance success.

Size doesn’t matter!  Small or large businesses can use digital advertising. The reach of digital ads is so advanced and the need to advertise online is relevant in today’s business world. You can bet your competitors are using it. So should you. We can help you get your digital advertising campaign into place. Contact JAC about the options that work best for you.

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