CTV advertising, or Connected TV (CTV), is one of the newest marketing buzzwords. Most newer televisions are CTVs and access the internet to provide greater viewing for the general public – this means incredible marketing capabilities for business.  Additionally, Over The Top (OTT) offers online streaming without a cable connection.  As long as a device has an internet connection, it can harness on-demand video access, audio streaming, and messaging. 

Ad Capabilities

CTV and OTT allow us to place your ads on television or devices connected to the internet and stream video. It will enable a reach beyond anything a standard cable provider offers.  Any smart TV or internet-connected device is applicable. Our programmatic ads reach desktop computers, consoles, and mobile streaming, as well as gaming devices. This type of advertising is a very innovative way to get in front of your customers. 

Streaming is the New Way

We understand that most individuals are leaving cable and network watching in the dust. The current estimate of streaming users is more than 164 million and the rate is growing! More than half the televisions in US homes connect to the internet. Now, we can place your ads on streaming shows and games. That means that you can dial into your perfect consumer while they are viewing a screen with your advertising. 

Highly Targetable

In CTV advertising, targeting your exact customer entails selecting a specific geographic location, interests, and demographics. That means we can target your customer base by addresses (where customers live and work), behavior (what interests are registered based on websites previously visited), and demographics (male or female and age). Unlike cable TV, there is no wasted money on ads sent into households not interested in your product or service. 

JAC Advertising Consultants can help you get set up with this fantastic advertising tool that offers the ability to serve ads daily to your audience. It’s hard to ignore a message that can’t be “skipped” (unless they pay for an ad-free package) and delivers 2-3 ads at a time. CTV and OTT are genuinely remarkable marketing strategies!

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