A keyword campaign is a cost-effective way to capture organic traffic. Organic traffic refers to online users who browse specific keywords to get to a website that satisfies their search criteria. For example, if you were looking for a lawyer for your business in Wichita, Kansas, you may type, “business attorney in Wichita.” The browser would pull up websites related to your search with the keywords: “business,” “attorney,” and “Wichita.” Keyword campaigns use the content typed into a browser with the related subject matter. It uses those chosen words (or keywords) to prompt a display ad or video. Of course, the ad is going to those interested in your business’s products or services!

It’s Not PPC

A keyword campaign isn’t PPC or Pay Per Click (Adwords). PPC is a Google digital campaign that only serves paid ads based on keywords that the person typed into the browser. Once the online user types in specified keywords, the paid advertiser would appear among the first companies listed. PPC is typically expensive, depending on the keywords you are purchasing. Generally speaking, most internet users purposely pass the paid ads and click on the website links below. However, if a user clicks on the ad, the advertiser is charged accordingly. As we said, it can get costly quickly.

What is a Keyword Campaign?

A keyword campaign is display ad and video based. It works differently from PPC because it does not charge the advertiser a fee when users click on ads. Instead, display or video ads present themselves when an internet user types specific keywords into the browser. Additionally, the keyword ads show on websites and pages that incorporate the chosen keywords. If we use the example above, a keyword campaign for a business lawyer will show ads or videos on websites with the words “business,” “Wichita,” and “lawyer.” The display ads will sometimes show on seemingly unrelated websites if the internet user’s behavior or recent browsing history reflects those keywords. For instance, an individual may have viewed business lawyers previously, and the campaign knows to target that individual based on search history. The ads are relevant to the person. Keyword targeting has enormous benefits:

Website Visits

Keyword campaigns drive relevant traffic to your website. Because the person has searched or expressed interest in your keywords, an increase in website visits occurs. Additionally, the people looking at your website would be those interested in your product or service. Increased traffic results in a higher return on investment.

Increases sales

Purchases are likely to occur if prospective consumers see your ads. Your ads are relevant because the individuals who see the ads are actively researching or interested in your service or product. 


We can track the campaign’s performance which allows us to measure the effectiveness of keywords over time. Armed with that information, we can alter keywords accordingly. 


A keyword campaign will allow you to choose 50-100 keywords. These can be in two or three-word phrases. The ads appear on relevant websites that incorporate the keywords. It’s best to develop ads for an entire group of people. We advise creating your keyword list first before you tackle creating the display ad. 

As one of our most popular digital solutions, keyword campaigns are a substitute for PPC. Although they work differently, these two types of campaigns are often used together. It has been our experience that keywords are less expensive and have great benefits. JAC will sit down with your marketing team and get the most beneficial keywords in your campaign. We will marry our marketing experience with your goals – guiding you through the process to success.

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