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JAC Advertising Consultants

We are a dynamic digital marketing agency located in Brighton, Michigan.

JAC specializes in digital marketing & advertising, social media, website design & development, SEO, and client consultation.  We currently service companies on both a local and national level.

Our JAC team prides itself on being at the forefront of digital marketing strategies.  As the industry moves and evolves, you will find us keeping up to date with new digital marketing techniques, which improves your online presence.  For that reason, JAC is an innovative team who listens to our clients and guides them to the newest marketing techniques resulting in your business’s higher visibility.

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Meet Darrell

Darrell Jackson was born with marketing ambitions.

As a university student, he worked part-time in sales and thrived at it.  Shortly after graduation, he gained employment in a company creating and selling websites.  Darrell gained a vast amount of experience.  He watched the first Web browser gain popularity.  He saw Yahoo (1994), Amazon (1995), eBay (1995), and Google (1998) evolve and gained an insight into the beast of online marketing.  Soon websites were a necessity, and online marketing quickly became crucial to all business owners.  Darrell saw this need and went to work for another company that sold digital advertising and websites.  However, he noticed out-of-country companies hired by his employer were running most of the digital marketing sold to his accounts.  This fact created issues with customers because Darrell couldn’t control the creation or editing speed of the digital ads or campaigns.  Nor could he optimize any of their digital campaigns.  This frustration led him to look for other options.  Fast forward a few years: Darrell understood that he could take the frustration away from his clients if he controlled the platform their ads were running on.  Thus, Darrell and his business partner, Heather, created JAC Advertising Consultants to give clients the best marketing and advertising advantage.  Together, their experience in the online marketing industry is unparalleled to most of the competition out there.

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