Digital Marketing

Think of Digital Marketing as a strategy for getting your company visible - its name, logo, and branding - online.

On the other hand, think of digital advertising as a tool for that strategy.  JAC is an expert in digital marketing; we will listen to your goals and incorporate them into a marketing plan on the internet for users to discover you.  Then, we will plug in the advertising tools to achieve that goal of discovery.

What Can JAC Do?

JAC Advertising Consultant’s team will help you run online ads to promote your products and services and create brand awareness as part of your marketing.  We specialize in designing and managing social media ads (YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram) and display ads (static, mobile, and video) as part of our digital advertising services.  Additionally, we understand which platforms (where to place your ads) to get the most recognition and engagement from your intended audience.  AKA your future customers.

Digital Marketing is Essential

Digital marketing is a necessity in today’s world.  It is how people find your product or services.  Over 80 % of consumers research companies via digital devices such as their phone, tablet, or desktop computer, so you must be accessible in that space.  Our team will guide you to place yourself properly online, so you are discoverable.  This process can be through various services such as search (SEO), digital platforms in which we upload your ads, and social media.  Social media has the ability for online users to share or comment on an ad.  We call that “free” advertising because their friends and family can view it too – without any cost to you.  And we all know that a product or service promoted by a friend or family member will get immediate credibility.

Flexible Budget and Measurable

A remarkable aspect of digital marketing is controlling the overall budget and spend.  Additionally, your budget goes toward getting in front of your desired customer because digital platforms allow you to serve ads to a specific audience, including gender, age, location, behavior, and interests.  For that reason, your advertisement is relevant to the audience – promoting better engagement.  Equally, digital marketing is adaptable – If the campaign is proving successful, you can choose to exceed your budget, if desired, and by how much.   Once a person online engages (clicks) on your advertisement, Google will record their behavior, and JAC can present you with a report.  The report will give you measurements such as the number of impressions (advertisements served), clicks, and conversions.  This type of marketing allows you to measure the effectiveness of a digital campaign, unlike print advertisements.

As mentioned, marketing includes your branding. Therefore, we will strategize on how to make your company recognized online.  With such platforms as social media, you can be locally known and, at the same time, have a far-reaching presence.  This ability is a phenomenon that wasn’t possible 20 years ago without a considerable budget.  Now, a smaller company can be promoted online and become recognizable with the right tools in place.

Digital Marketing should be an essential part of your business plan because the world is full of internet users.  It’s how they find your products and services in the today.  We can help you take your ideas and goals and convert them into a viable marketing strategy – springboarding your business’s success.  Contact JAC for more information on digital marketing

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