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Just relax and let JAC do all the content creation for your business. You give us your vision; we will do the rest from content imagery to text.

When you think of content creation, you think of your message. What do you want to portray to the customer? We feel content creation goes beyond the words of a message. It encompasses the images shown on your website and in your advertisements and where you publish them on the web. JAC has a team that can create content for your business and places it in relevant areas on the internet. We are skilled in producing the following for your business:


Blogs are written informal articles about you, your product, and your knowledge to share with a group or the online public. Writing your blogs conversationally, similar to a journal, will draw your audience into reading it. We view blogs as answering a common question in your industry. But, if done correctly, blogs can do more than answer your customer’s questions.  It can build rapport. If done regularly, blogs can also boost your website rankings on search engines, such as Google. Google now encourages new content on your website, and blogging can satisfy this expectation.  

Digital Ads

Display (Digital) ads are essential because they help push your potential customers down the sales funnel. Well done ads will draw your intended audience’s attention on various platforms (social ads, search ads, geofencing, etc.) These ads come in many different sizes, and it is important to create multiple sizes to get the best reach (in front of many eyes). Each size is considered depending on the digital device (phone, desktop, or tablet), which will display the ad. For instance, the most engaging ad size for a phone is 300×250 pixels, or about half the smartphone screen size. Additionally, this ad size makes up 60% of the ads seen on the internet. 

The size of a digital ad is generally small, but you need not skimp on its quality. The quality of the image should be crisp and have a high definition to draw attention to it. The lettering (font type) should be prominent and easy to view. Equally, the logo and branding elements should be clear, crisp, and readable.  

JAC creates digital ads for you that are simple, easy to read, and image-based. These ads have limited space to make an impression, so a clear call to action is required. For example, you may promote “Free Shipping” or “Free Estimate” on your ad so that your audience will click on the image. When the ad is clicked on, it will drive that individual to your website or landing page. There, your customer can learn more about your product or service and can contact you.

Additionally, we like to make the ads animated with HTML5, as opposed to static ads.  Static ads don’t show any movement and are only an image.  Animated ads – with movement – perform 3-5x better than the rate of static ads because it adds interest.  

Social Posts

As consumers move away from traditional media (TV and print) and toward digital, we see companies’ need to have a social media presence. Social media has taken us by storm. We see celebrities and politicians on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter generate a message and get it out to the masses in minutes. Likewise, a business can increase its following or fanbase and get sales by creating social posts and creating awareness of a product or service. What we see is that social media is one way to be relevant.


Most consumers will research a company before purchasing from it, so you want to make sure your website represents your product and services effectively. What sets you apart from your competition? A website is a way for a company to express itself and demonstrate the way it approaches business. For many, it is the first impression your business makes on its consumer. Thus, it is crucial to have informative and compelling content for sales’ sake. We sit down with our clients and discover what’s necessary on the website. You want it to tell a story that a viewer will remember. You want the website to be impressing and engaging for the viewers. We incorporate consistent branding into the site with visible logos and build it with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in mind.

Content is everywhere, but good content is a necessary component of a good website. Make sure your content writers truly encapsulate your business so consumers understand your purpose. Contact our content and technical writers for your digital presence to shine. JAC will work with you to make sure you look your best on the internet.

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