Organic searches are critical: Is your website measuring up with SEO?

An organic search is looking up a subject on a search engine, such as Google or Bing. It has been our experience that organic searches can typically drive more people to your website than any other means and is absolutely instrumental in creating conversions or purchases. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the procedure of getting your website to pull up online when an individual is looking for services or products your business provides. Think of it as necessary as being listed in the Yellow Pages – before the internet boom – twenty years ago. It is the digital means for people to find your business. You need customers to see your business, and that’s why SEO is critical.

Specifically, SEO is the process of formulating your website so that search engines bring your site to the forefront of relevant searches. That means your website will pull up before others providing similar goods and services. Yes, there is some science in the strategy.

A Website’s Structure is Important to SEO

Search engines like Google are looking for specific areas in the website’s structure: secured sites, HTTPS, site crawlability, content, and keyword usage, backlinking, visitor usability, and experience are some of these. Google is all about the user having a good experience online. The search engine encourages websites to be secure with HTTPS protocol. This way, a user can ensure a safe and private website experience while visiting your website. A HTTPS website protects the user’s integrity and confidentiality while connecting to the content on your site. Google values this security for its users.

Next, Google is looking for your website to be crawlable. Crawlability refers to the search engines’ use of software (or bots) to crawl through each of your website’s pages and decipher each page’s content. As Google’s bots crawl, the search engine index the pages of your site. By doing that, the search engine is remembering your site when an individual is searching relevant words for your product or service. A website needs to be navigable from one page to another to be considered crawlable. In other words, a measure of good crawlability of a website is there should be no dead ends – each page bridges to another. Google recognizes your website when relevant keywords enter into the search engine. For that reason, content on a website is critical. 

Website content needs to be easy to read, include specific keywords, and be updated regularly with new information. Meta tags and titles insert into your site for SEO purposes. When writing content, you must consider your target audience, the content they seek, and how they search for it. These are all things that Google identifies on your website. For instance, a family attorney would want to include keywords such as “child custody” and “parental rights.” Your content should portray the purpose of your business, including imagery reflective of your content. Your words on the website should be conversational, easily readable, and engaging. Hiring an influential JAC Advertising Consultant’s Content Writer has positive effects on website creation and SEO. Good website content must have regular updates to it, and blogging accomplishes this. Search engines are looking for new content.

Blogging allows you to get your knowledge of products and services in areas other than your website. You are more public in a sense – more eyes see you. Blogging allows you to enhance SEO by backlinking it to other sites. Backlinking content allows one website to link to another website. If Google finds your blog link on another website, it deems your content as noteworthy. Search engines and users find this useful when ranking your site. It is an ongoing strategy; to make it worthwhile, you will need to create regular content in a blog. The JAC team has a range of technical writers and copywriters to support your blogging efforts and SEO. Backlinking can increase your site’s users and their relevance – creating an overall good experience.

When we create a website, we are always keeping the user in mind. We ask a question like: Is the site easy to maneuver? A website should be logically structured and easy to navigate; otherwise, content and design efforts are irrelevant. Other areas we consider for SEO are mobile-friendliness and speed load time. A good marketing company will note these; a great marketing company will make sure these elements are in place to enhance SEO. JAC prides itself on building SEO elements into your website to increase the number of quality users visiting your website.

Good SEO Increases Website Visitors

Specifically, good SEO increases quality website visitors – those genuinely interested in your product or services. That is because if they looked up your specific product or service, they are probably in the market to make a purchase. We also find good SEO increases the number of visitors to your website. As you can imagine, a larger quantity of quality visitors to your website will increase revenue!

Search Engines Change the Rules Often

Google is the largest search engine owning 75% of the market, with Youtube following behind. SEO is not a static fix to drive people to your website. Google changes its algorithms or standards for SEO, and so must your provider. You need to hire a company that is up to date on Google’s frequently evolving algorithms; that way, SEO standards are updated to match changing algorithms. JAC prides itself on being current on all search engine standards. Your SEO success is our goal, and keeping up with algorithms is essential. 

JAC has a proven track record of creating long-term internet strategies to propel SEO results. Of course, SEO is ongoing – optimizing increases with time, and we are there to help you every step of the way. Contact JAC Advertising Consultants to get your website set up with Search Engine Optimization today.

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