“If you don’t want to go viral, you probably shouldn’t run for political office in 2021. Your information needs to be reshared 10s of thousands of times to millions and millions of people to ensure success. Going viral with your message is consistently imposing your will on the internet. It targets voters of all ages. It first goes through the young people and then goes to the old people,” says a 23-year-old team member of JAC Advertising Consultants. Although we took a personal offense to the “old” people crack, we understood what he was saying.

It All Begins with The Youth

Social media is a mecca in the young eyes (under 30) of users, and most memes and viral videos go before them before they hit the 40 and above audience. We see this phenomenon again and again on Facebook and Instagram.

In the political realm – even in consumer businesses – being relevant to a younger audience is essential. These are your future voters and consumers and should not be brushed off as just “kids” without influence on your success. The truth is, our message should be in front of young Americans on social media.

Not Just Any Old Ad

Social media can make your message not look like a blatant advertisement, and make it look genuine content. A message like that gets more likes and plays. It’s all about sharing and free promotion. We understand that campaign managers want specific information to get to the public. JAC can provide an even balance with messaging and promoting. Everything can be pre-approved but managed. The political Parties on Instagram gained millions of followers in the last election. We are saying that a politician today can get followers in the same way if they do it right.

On social media, local politicians can talk about what they’re going to do on social media – but there’s no reason that the type, quality, and consistency can’t be the same as Trump and Biden. They need a team in charge of creating this content, posting it the same way. JAC does just that – we have a talented team that can make a social media campaign go viral to ensure your campaign’s success.

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