It is all over Facebook: the ability to target an audience may be a thing of the past. Currently, we see this SOS Facebook message again and again. That is because Apple is finally listening to their consumers’ fears of privacy and allowing them to opt-out of being targeted or being served “cookies” when they engage with social media ads. Facebook, along with many other social media companies, are not happy. Why are they not happy? Let us give you some background.

Is My Phone Listening?

We’ve heard many times, “Is my phone listening to me?” This question arises out of the presence of digital ads of interest showing up on the phone. For instance, if you are interested in gardening and looking up cottage gardens, you might see many plant advertisements that fit your gardening style. Similarly, you might not have looked up gardening in a while, but you keep seeing pictures of gardens that pique your interest. The fact that you have researched gardens in the past or looked at websites relevant to gardens follows you. Rather than the phone “listening” to you, it uses third-party data to collect information about you and neatly places you into categories.

Innovative Businesses Target Interested People

When a company wants to serve up ads to an audience that meets their prospective customer, you will see that ad because you have been categorized as a prospective customer based on your internet browsing habits. It is an intelligent marketing approach. The advertiser purchases this information from the company that is providing third-party data. It is a powerful way for an advertiser to get products or services in front of targeted consumers. But now the game is changing.

The Problem

With Apple allowing privacy settings on phones, third-party data from the user will be a thing of the past. Facebook is annoyed with this new update, as are others. They will no longer be able to sell this third-party data – taking a chunk out of their bottom line. Nor will they have the ability to target users based on their website activity or behavior. Recently, with the phasing out of third-party data, Google said it would follow suit and not use cookies on websites to track its users, as well. The digital advertising world is changing rapidly.

The Game is Changing

This upcoming change is concerning for many, not just Facebook. Digital marketers must be thinking of the future and find advertising companies that offer other solutions to get in front of their intended audiences. It will be critical for success in the digital marketing space.

We are Ready!

JAC Advertising Consultants prides itself as a progressive digital advertising company. We offer different digital marketing solutions that can still get your products and services in front of prospects without using third-party data. For example, using addressable geofencing or CTV/OTT campaigns can still keep your name and services in front of intended buyers. In addition, we have numerous more products for campaigns to serve ads to your intended customer. The emphasis is on “intended customer” because you need targeting ability to advertise successfully. Contact JAC for more information on alternatives to third-party data and cookies. We are ahead of the digital advertising curve.

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